Not to get political but

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2022.01.27 20:59 joyless_againn Not to get political but

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2022.01.27 20:59 Stopbeingstupiddude Why are you full of love despite of the negativity that exists?

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2022.01.27 20:59 fappen222 Wie fappen?

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2022.01.27 20:59 Snacks75 Dallas and Austin course recommendations... Please?

I have two trips to Texas coming up. I know I'll have time in the day to sneak in rounds over three or four days. Looking to spend around $100 each round maybe a few bucks more for the right track. I like nicer courses. Courses that are less busy are preferred as well (I like my 4-hour rounds...). Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.27 20:59 Sanivek She's a keeper!

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2022.01.27 20:59 No-Bid-6050 Besides English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish, what is the most important language to learn?

View Poll
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2022.01.27 20:59 ScreamWithMeStories A Perverted Stalker Story NSFW | Reddit Horror Stories

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2022.01.27 20:59 Alevy20 ben actor/voice

did the actor for ben ever change at one point? when we first hear him speak and say strike 2 as well as over the phone they put in the rv, he had more of an American accent. but starting when matt confronts him in the parking lot and when they met him in prison, he had a bit of a British accent. has anyone else noticed this as well?
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2022.01.27 20:59 Adventurous_Rock_899 First online silver purchase for me. Couldn’t resist the WSS deal from silver gold bull. Thanks to them, and of course to the banker tamp team!

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2022.01.27 20:59 DriftySquid An interesting tit

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2022.01.27 20:59 Ok_Understanding5500 Hey Crypto Bro's WE ARE HIRING 🍋 Visit Lemonn 🍋 Utility token 🔥

Hey Crypto Bro's WE ARE HIRING 🍋 Visit Lemonn 🍋 Utility token 🔥
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2022.01.27 20:59 Dave1962 Newly Elected Virginia AG Continues Cleaning House, Fires University Lawyer Serving As Lead J6 Investigator. Dems routinely conduct such firings when they take office, but when Repubs do so, however, it’s “highly unusual,” “payback,” and a “partisan move.” LOL. FJB

Newly Elected Virginia AG Continues Cleaning House, Fires University Lawyer Serving As Lead J6 Investigator. Dems routinely conduct such firings when they take office, but when Repubs do so, however, it’s “highly unusual,” “payback,” and a “partisan move.” LOL. FJB submitted by Dave1962 to NEWPOLITIC [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:59 grimy_jr Anime cat

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2022.01.27 20:59 Lewdoh Norwegian Community in Lost Ark

Are there any Norwegian discords / communities that are gonna play Lost Ark.
Very interested in playing on a server mainly Scandinavian so seeing that the server lists are out now I'm wondering if there are any favorites they are eye sighting.
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2022.01.27 20:59 gregorymyllama Regarding the recent rug from APEX.

So this situation is a hot topic in the ASA Creators discord.
Some background:
We ASA Creators have a private discord where we are all equals. This means we have all the same Admin roles, and can make administrative changes to the discord server.
The ASA creators vote on weather projects are legitimate and do a deep dive into each ASA that wants the Creator role. There is a whole application process to enter the discord and to gain the admin role. Needless to say APEX did NOT make the cut.
APEX repeatedly tried to shill his ASA to other creators, tried to sell NFT's that he did not own or create. This led to us taking action to warn our communities about this specific ASA, we each put out notifications to our communities and majority of them left their positions they had invested into APEX, saving people thousands of dollars.
When confronted about the reddit post by u/SlobberGravy yesterday. This is what he had to say, and the conversation that followed:
Twitter link because u/svansyvonswansea already posted the images <3 We as legitimate creators wanted you all to know that, we are skeptical of new ASA's just like everyone. We do a deep dive on any ASA that want's to join us, and the ones that have joined us (over 40 ASA's to include majority of the top 40) all have a say in who gets to be in the 'club'.
If you want to know about a project or ASA, I highly suggest reaching out to an ASA community that you belong too, and asking them about any project you might have in question. If you are skeptical of an ASA, or it's new... Ask if its been granted into the ASA Creators discord, use the community as a gauge of legitimacy.
If we find that an ASA is out to hurt our community we will let our individual communities know. If you have concerns that an ASA is a rug, don't hesitate to share that info, it might save someone thousands of dollars. Call people out on their bullshit, no seriously...Please do it.
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2022.01.27 20:59 MasterChihuahua Prop 133

Every other token before was able to get matching incentives and when chihuahua is next we get shut down…
Chihuahua have tons of free money to osmosis , atom , and Juno..
All at once … why do we have to suffer …
I’m voting no because I feel like there should be some opportunity for us chihuahua holders..
While everyone else got their matching incentives , it’s a problem for huahua poolers…
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2022.01.27 20:59 damn_internet [WTS] Timbuk2 & Tumi

The Timbuk2 messenger bag has been sitting unused in my closet. Interior material is a little cracked (see pics) but over all the bag is in great condition. Also come with additional crossbody strap. Asking $50 shipped CONUS obo.
The Tumi “hip pack”(?) is in good, practically unused condition. Has a few scuffs on the bottom and the Tumi symbol has some cracking on the front. Has some writing on the interior tag and comes with Tumi “dog tag”. Asking $50 shipped CONUS obo.
[Pack pics](
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2022.01.27 20:59 BooseyBaby [WTS] Geissele SSA-E AR-15 Trigger (MI)

Brand new. Opened the package, never installed in a rifle. Sat in the safe ever since.
First “dibs” takes it home.
$210.00 shipped to your door with tracking!
PayPal accepted!
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2022.01.27 20:59 Vizor1099 Zejście do Avernusa (Emporium) Parodia piosenki

Cześć, Widziałem ostatnio parodię piosenki "Prince Ali" z alladyna:
To zainspirowało mnie to przerobienia tekstu polskiej wersji w podobny sposób, nie jest to dzieło sztuki ale jeżeli znalazłby się ktoś potrafiący śpiewać, może użyć tego tekstu lub przerobić go na lepszy, sam nie potrafię śpiewać ale byłoby fajnie jakbyśmy mieli własną polską wersję. Pozdrawiam. V
Tekst: Z drogi, to Mahadi Jedzie pan Mahadi
Hej, z drogi wiej Spadną zbroje wam Hej, ty, suszyć kły To największy pan Klap klap, dłonie masz To w nie klaszcz, niech słyszy was
Rób rząd, ale już Bij w dzwon Bębny tusz Niech rośnie ramion las
Mahadi u waszych drzwi, wielki Rakszasa Czas giąć się w pas więc wszyscy wraz Skłon teraz ćwicz Mam radę także dla was szybko kłońcie się w pas To niebywała osoba, uwierzcie mi
Mahadi pazur ma lwi, dzielny Rakszasa Demony precz, bo on ma miecz Albo i trzy Hordy Orcusa dopadły go Demonów z bronią ze sto W zaświaty posłał ich kto? Nasz Mahadi
(Co tam mamy?) On ma sto pięć dusza na kontraktach (No, kochani, jeszcze co?) Demonich łubów ma ponad sto Diabłów zaprzysiężonych ma potąd (I w pakiecie jeden elf) Dwa stada gnu Strusie nandu Menażerię jak stąd do Dis
Mahadi, o nim się śni, piękny Rakszasa Co za wdzięk, słyszę ten jęk I wrzenie krwi (Z nim piekło to raj!) On wie na co masz chęć Więc bierz piuro i pędź (Wystarczy jeden podpis) Bo może tobie dać szczęście pan Mahadi
Białe smoki kupił aż w samym Frostfell (Są jeszcze smoczki, zobaczcie smoczki) Skarbów więcej ma niż przeżył dni Niewolników ma, sługi i armię Wierni są jak pies Każdy z nich jest W styks gotów zań skoczyć w mig
Nasz Mahadi Pan Mahadi
Pan Mahadi mon bel ami cudny Rakszasa Szanuje go sam Arcyczart Lecz dla was cały ten kram Jego targ u waszych bram I słonie, konie wszystko to ma Naprawę wozu w przecenie da Targi, luksusy, i jeszcze spa Emporium co całe lśni
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2022.01.27 20:59 MuadMcDipshit Let's make this subreddit into a Thin Lizzy tribute sub

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2022.01.27 20:59 Mr-pizzapls This is the REAL fight

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2022.01.27 20:59 MemerThoughts Mondays are probably worse for dogs than they are for humans.

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2022.01.27 20:59 Rul02 What is the difference between focal length and magnification?

Hi im new here and on optics in general; i wanted to make my own glasses in order to make a telescope/camera lens; but after some research i decided it wasnt practical to spend too much money/time on that. So i decided to ask to an optician's shop if they could make the lenses i needed (with the focal length i wanted and diameter), they said it was fine; and that i needed to give them 3 values: The diameter of the lens (in mm, its just the diameter) The focal length (which, by my understanding is the distance in wich the rays coming from infinite converge to a single point) And the "power" of the lens (i asked what that meant, and he said it was the "magnification" of the lens)
I thought the focal distance and the magnification was the same thing; i mean, to a given focal length you would get a given magnification, i thought those values where inter dependant So, what is the difference between focal length and magnification?
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2022.01.27 20:59 manachronism American Horror Story is Overhyped Trash Teen TV.

It’s been at the top of my to watch list for over 5 years and when I opened it, I was expecting something good. Or at least a good romance plot to follow.
But no, I’m on season 9 and the show is like the worst of the worst Wattpad books that I wouldn’t pick up when I was 13.
The whole show is a big piece of shit. The entire jingles story was stupid and all the turns and twists were stupid. To make matters worse, there was no real male eye candy.
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2022.01.27 20:59 Then-Needleworker379 Discovered that my partner has compulsive sexual behaviors and history of promiscuity.

BackgroundMy (33F) partner (33M) and I have been together for 1 year and 4 months. I moved in (from a different city) last month. He has Bipolar2, comes from parents who were both addicts and struggled with mental health issues as well as a very promiscuous father who had kids by 4 different women, was in and out of prison, etc.
My partner is also a very high-functioning and otherwise very normal, and exceptional person. Our relationship is mostly joy and happiness: day-to-day we are very compatible, very thoughtful toward one another, if you see us you’d quickly be able to tell there’s a lot of love here. I have dated a lot of men, and this is the first person whom I ever felt the “soulmate” feeling with; the first person I have enjoyed being around this much; the first person that has really bent over backwards to make me happy. He insisted that I move in with him a few months ago and ensured that I had an extra bedroom for a private office, despite the fact that he’s paying 2/3 of the rent. He’s the first guy I’ve introduced to my parents. Everyone who meets him loves him. He cares a lot about me, I know this, but I am finally starting to see that despite all of the good, his compulsions and patterns may be really impossible to break.
The 1st breach of trust6 months into our relationship, and right around the time that my 12-year old nephew passed away, he downloaded dating apps and texted random women. I discovered this after he left his laptop open while at my place. The messages all fizzled out in him being unresponsive (they were about 1 month old by the time I saw them), but I was devastated. Especially given the timing, and his lack of care for what I was going through. He had donated a lot of money to my nephew’s GoFundme so I was extremely shocked that he could be so thoughtless about me in this time, not that any time is ok to cheat but the timing made it all the more distressful for me. I waited a few weeks to confront him and he initially denied everything, then came clean and said he was trying to avoid looking at porn. We talked for hours, both of us cried, he said he was starting therapy and that he had stopped this behavior because he knew it was wrong, and begged for forgiveness. I decided to forgive him. But since then, a latent sense of worry has always followed me. He does everything he can to help me feel safe, but sometimes it’s not enough.
Between then and now, we’ve had many moments of me having to clarify boundaries: I’m not comfortable with former female friends b/c they are all people he once slept with; I need him to over communicate about anything involving other women; etc. He has complained that my rules are strict, but that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay with me. He wants to propose to me this year but I told him we should work on these problems first.
The latest breach of trustLast week, I discovered that he deleted text messages with a woman he’d met at a dinner, and that he searched “babesofbedstuy” (our exact neighborhood) on Instagram. I confronted him about both and it turned into a huge argument. He didn’t at all question me looking through his phone but he claimed that I was blowing things out of proportion. He claims he didn’t look up the search for any particular reason other than maybe boredom. Being that we live in this neighborhood, and given his past of looking to local people (dating apps) as a form of porn, I felt like this was a step down that slope of eventually downloading apps or actually physically cheating. He said he deleted the texts b/c he was afraid of getting in trouble. He also volunteered that he had been looking at porn which was something he had back months ago said he was trying to stop. He claimed that watching porn isn't all that bad, despite his original stance that he had wanted to quit. He then started saying how bad of a person he is and how I deserve better but that he can't live without me.
Where we are todayWe decided to start couples counseling after this fight and in our consultation, I told the therapist our background and she immediately asked him if he’s has a pattern of promiscuity and sexual compulsions. He admitted it right away to her and said he was working on those things through therapy. I was surprised at how quickly he admitted it, because with me he has constantly made it seem like these issues were mistakes, rather than compulsive / addictive behaviors. He also told her that he struggles with being honest with me, and others, b/c of fear of getting in trouble / me breaking up with him/ causing conflict and she asked him if in his childhood, it was unsafe to be honest. He immediately started tearing up and she talked about how he needs to continue the programs he’s doing to work on himself, and that the couples counseling will help to “rewire” his brain as well as help us understand each other better.
After this session, I feel very different than I ever have so far. A huge part of me is now grieving what felt to be a much more hopeful situation before this recent instance. I know a lot of people will say “you already knew he was a cheater” but throughout this time, I believed that he truly had made a mistake and that things would get better. I think this counseling session and hearing him admit to essentially having a pathological issue is making me realize how much this is engrained in his brain and not necessarily out of malice or wanting to hurt our relationship. Before, I took it very personally. But I realize that just because it’s not personal doesn’t mean I have to tolerate it.
I really this entire time have been making excuses for him, but yesterday I realized that he’s actually dealing with something that may be impossible to change. The truth is, I am not ready to leave him. But I am now grappling with the reality that I have to set, and maintain, a final threshold for his transgressions. I cannot take another instance of him downloading an app, or lying to me. He has a history of cheating on all of his previous partners and has excuses for every instance. He claims that I’m the first relationship where he’s actually been able to talk about these issues of his, and communicate openly.
I want to be with him, I know a lot of people will say leave now while it’s still early, but I do want to give counseling a shot.
Thoughts / advice welcome.
Tl;dr: Discovered that my partner has compulsive sexual behaviors and history of promiscuity.
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