Why Mother 2 (EarthBound) is Amazing (,but could of been better)!

2022.01.27 20:25 Khaj_SmashBros Why Mother 2 (EarthBound) is Amazing (,but could of been better)!

Before I start, I want to let you guys know this is an indirect sequel to my previous reddit post on why Mother 1 (EarthBound Beginnings) is amazing. If you have not checked out that post yet I highly suggest you do first before reading this post here, but it's fine if you skip it, it's all up to you. Now time for what you actually clicked on this reddit post for...
Mother 2 commonly known as EarthBound is a game like no other. It's hard to explain what the game truly is. It's a amazing piece of art that's for sure. Just like it's prequel Mother 1, the games were truly ahead of it's times. The feeling of being an young 13 year old boy going on this big weird quirky adventure with friends is something just surreal. Unlike Mother 1 which I say is mostly about story with a few little moments of humor and dark moments sprinkled in rather than the adventure itself, Mother 2 is purely about the whacky mishaps Ness and gang endure on their adventure rather than the actual story behind of Ness having to defeat Giygas itself.
That's actually a problem that I personally have with Mother 2. The game is way too whacky and zany for its own good that when it actually tries to have serious moments that's important to the story like Mother 1 has, it just comes off as satirical and non-genuine. Another pet-peeve I have with Mother 2 is how they portrayed Giygas in this game. No, I love entire idea of Giygas being so full of hatred towards humanity that he becomes the literal embodiment of hatred and evil itself in Mother 2. That aspect of Giygas is honestly killer and pretty depressing at the same time. That's not what I hate about Giygas, it's the fact that for the entirety of the game (if you didn't play Mother 1 before Mother 2) Giygas is just portrayed as some cliché evil villain doing evil just because, when in actuality it's explained in Mother 1 that there's an actual what I would argue good reason for what he is doing and why he is "evil." Giygas is still an awesome villain in both Mother 1 and 2, but it's just a major downgrade "personality" wise for Giygas in Mother 2 is all.
One more and my most MAJOR pet-peeve I have about Mother 2 is the gameplay aspects and mechanics itself. The lack of item stacking and having to manually go to the subscreen menu just to talk with an NPC or check something in the game is genuinely mind boggling. Most other SNES RPGs at the time already used item stacking as an feature, so why couldn't Mother 2. Not to mention every to press A twice just to talk to NPCs or check something can be a little annoying at times (and before you say it yes I know by pressing the Right Bumper allows you to be able talk or check by just pressing it once in front of things, but still why wasn't that just mapped to the A button to begin with.) Given how Mother 2's original release was going to be 1992, I'm going to excuse the archaic like features just a tiny bit as the game was originally planned to be release on 3 years after the 1st game release.
Okay, it's time to stop pissing on the 25+ year old JRPG and start talking about the wonders that Mother 2 brings to the table. Starting with it's music. I mean Mother 2's music is iconic, how could I not talk about it. Although 85% of Mother 2's OST is just remixes and leitmotifs of Mother 1 music, they bring those tracks from the previous game more life and "bang" to them. The track "Dusty Dune Deserts" which is an remix of Mother 1's "Yucca Desert" Theme has the song sound like its playing from a distant radio tower in the desert, it's super atmospheric and creative. You know I also have to mention the banger that is the track "Cease to Exist." The fact that the song starts out as an 8 bit chiptune NES song similar to Mother 1's OST, but then midway through cuts out into a full out metal cover of itself really shows how far technology has upgraded itself from the just from NES to SNES hardware. It also gives off the impending doom vibes of you fighting Giygas.
Unfortunately, unlike what I can say about Mother 1's protagonists can't really be said about Mother 2's as the Mother 2 gang are more or less cliché character stereotypes (Not saying that the Mother 1 protags aren't cliché stereotypes themselves, but they have more background information and "personality" behind them than M2 kids.) Although, I will say one certain party member in Mother 2 does stick out, that being Poo. Something about Poo being an heir to the throne in a foreign country and training his entire life to master the power of PSI intrigues me a lot. Poo training for master his PSI really gives off the idea that PSI is like "chi" in a way. Everyone has PSI, but only few can unlock the power inside themselves and master the power in ways where they can control it with ease.
Mother 2's NPC dialogue is just stellar. The weird and whacky lines makes you want to talk to every NPC in the game that you meet. You don't know what someone in the game will say next and that's the fun in it. Dialogue in Mother 2 can range from pure randomness to actual real world trivia. The dialogue is not only entertaining but sometimes super informative as well. Don't get me started on the pixel art style as well. Mother 2's chibi pixel art style seemed so modern and ahead of it's time. I don't know how to explain it but its the perfect blend of childish and mature. This childish, yet mature aspect doesn't just appear in the art style, but as well as the humor and themes of the game as well.
One last aspect I want to point out about Mother 2, before I give my final ratings on the game is the game's localization. Now as most of you know 80s and 90s Nintendo game localizations were notorious for being terrible as they were filled with mistranslations, grammar, and spelling issues. I won't lie and say that Mother 2's American localization doesn't have mistranslations and grammar issues, when is clearly does (cough cough "Pokey", cough cough "Poo"), but honestly for the most part the game does an amazing job with making the game's English script 1:1 with the original Japanese release. Although of course there are some censors and changes to appeal with the more child friendly NOA, that in my opinion sort of waters down a little bit of the themes and viewpoints Itoi was trying to show with the game, but for the most part they kept the majority of the US version of the game close to the original Japanese release.
If you ever wanted to play Mother 2 how Itoi intended it to be in full English, I highly suggest the "MaternalBound Redux" ROM Hack, as it not only removes all the censors and changes the American localization made towards the game, but also adds the option of running and being able making it so you only have to press A in front of something once to talk or check the thing.
Now onto my final ratings of Mother 2....
If I were to rate the game out of 10, I would give it an 7/10. The game is amazing and everyone should play it at least once in their life time, but I will say there are some qualities of the game compared to it's predecessor that boosts the game's rating down for me a little. Mostly with the lack of true story behind the characters and lore as a whole really that Mother 1 had, but other than that, the game out does itself and is truly an masterpeice
(tldr; Mother 2 is an amazing game that everyone should play at least once in their life, but lacks some of the core features that made it's predecessor aka Mother 1 special in the first place)
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does anyone know if there is a terraform provider for pfsense?
I cant find one
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2022.01.27 20:25 arkie87 Pre-Existing Module for Consolidating Folders/Files?

Basically, my mom is not computer savvy, and stores her files all over the place on her computer. She has gone through a few computers, and each time she gets a new one, I copy a whole bunch of folders where she stores files to her new computer in a backup folder. That process has repeated itself a few times, such that there are now multiple copies of potentially the same files floating around. I was wondering if there exists a pre-existing python module that can compare files in directories and delete duplicates in order to tame the beast and reduce the amount of space required for backing up to the cloud.
If not, what would the proper way to do this be? Should I compare last-modified dates? Hashes? The files may be in many folders, and some files might have the same name but not be the same version i.e. have different data. I obviously would only want to delete files that are duplicates (same name and data). Any advice is appreciated.
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Most may know already but if you're like me and hate doing Commerci voyages, right now with the events you get kill counts towards monsters around your level for pink bean event and they drop detective peplock passes.
Some incentive for the next few days to go do Commerci I guess :)
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How long does it typically take to hear back from law journals/reviews when you submit an article for publication? Submitted to sixty journals on Scholastica a few days ago, but wasn't sure if I should expect a few week delay or longer.
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I need to clean house. I lost my job recently and need to let go of a few things. I have a few fairly high ticket items (at least for me) that I need to sell. Such things include: A high end surround sound A/V Receiver and speakers, a guitar, and Pokemon Cards.
The first two were bought back when I had more dollars than sense and the last one is a relic from my childhood.
Can anyone point me in the right direction so that I can learn how to best sell these?
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How bad head is? Beside lips and horns somethings are really off. Need advice.

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In terms of landing your first job -

  1. How much do employers care about extracurriculars?
  2. Are they necessary at all?
  3. Are internships more important than extracurriculars?
  4. Can great internships make up for a complete lack of extracurriculars? (btw I have 0 mentionable extracurriculars)
any personal experience is welcome :)
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Can someone explain to me why war could trigger the MOASS ? Many people are talking about the russia news and that a war could trigger it, but i dont understand how…
Any smart apes here 🤝
I think nobody wants to have a war, but i personally think it would be possible... Lets hope the best ❤️ We are in this world together and should not fight each other, like many years ago…
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2022.01.27 20:25 mostafa_tux فعلا که فقط چند مدیر این ور و آن ور شده!

امیر پارسی ـ از گویندگان و بازیگران پیشکسوت رادیو و تلویزیون ـ درباره تغییرات احتمالی صداوسیما با گذشت چند ماه از ریاست پیمان جبلی، می‌گوید: من که فعلا تغییر خاصی نمی‌بینم؛ فقط به تبع تغییر رییس صداوسیما، چند مدیر هم این ور و آن ور جابه جا شده‌اند.
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